We tried flashing one LED, now it’s time to try not flashing multiple LEDs simultaneously, but with different light sequences. This circuit is also a nice setup to experiment with writing your own programs and to get a feel for how Arduino works.

Along with controlling the LEDs we start looking into a few simple programming methods to keep your programs small.

Hardware Used:

  • 5 – LED
  • 5 – 100 ohm Resistor
  • 1 – breadboard
  • Arduino Uno

You can buy all this Hardware at Createlabz.

Software Used:

Arduino IDE

Set up the Hardware:


Code Breakdown:

The code shown above is a function.

Other codes that was shown here were explained in the blinking LED and if you want to know more about functions just click the link.


Try MORE!!!!!

Extra animations:

Tired of one animation? Try the other sample animations. Just remove the // and upload the program to your arduino and enjoy the new light! (note: In the loop, 3 must have the // so that it would work!)



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