May 2019


Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure Monitoring in Blynk using Raspberry Pi Zero W

Overview Atmospheric pressure is an indicator of weather. When a low-pressure system moves into an area, it usually leads to cloudiness, wind, and precipitation. High-pressure systems usually lead to fair, calm weather. Temperature plays an important role and it is important to know what temperature is, how it is measured, and what implications it may have

Water Level and Weight Monitoring using Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor and HX711 Load Cell, with Blynk App

Overview This project aims to develop wireless monitoring using IoT Technology to interface the data acquired from the sensors to your smartphone. The project uses Blynk IoT platform to handle the data acquired. Two sets of sensor data are monitored: (1) water level, and (2) weight. The water level monitoring is part of an automated pumping system which automatically fills
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