May 2018


Automated Car Parking Assistant using Ultrasonic Sensor, Arduino Mega, and 1Sheeld+

Overview Parking your automobile is sometimes a tiresome task. When negligence transpires, it can create damages to the vehicle and its surroundings. This project aims to mitigate the damage caused by careless vehicle parking. The car parking assistant is composed of three major components: HC-SR04, RobotDyn Mega, and 1Sheeld+. The HC-SR04 is an ultrasonic sensor, which is capable of transmitting
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Starter’s Guide – Arduino Starter Kit

Overview: Arduino is the world 's largest open source hardware platform and offers endless possibilities for what you can achieve with its simple microcontroller based products. New hardwareis designed and presented on the market everyday, but the basics will always be the same, so the best way to start is to learn the basics with an Arduino Basic Kit. That way, you will be able to work with any Arduino-based board in the market. So in this tutorial, we will be doing 7 projects. Simply click on the link: 1.) Blinking LED 2.) Multiple LED 3.) Button Pressing 4.) Light 5.)

3D Animation of ADXL345 Triple-Axis Accelerometer on Arduino UNO and Processing 3 IDE

Overview This mini-project covers the functionality of an ADXL345 Triple-Axis Accelerometer on an Arduino UNO board and uses Processing 3 to visualize the 3D animation control. The x, y, and z values obtained by the accelerometer will be transformed into a 3D object animation where it mimics the movements of an accelerometer. The Arduino UNO communication protocol used is the
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(4/4) BPM (Pulse Sensor) and Pedometer (ADXL345 Accelerometer) Wearable Device with OLED Display

Overview Finally, We integrate all the three sensors into a one working mini-wearable project. Hardware Used Arduino Nano V3 (Robotdyn) ADXL345 Accelerometer 128x64 0.96" OLED Display Pulse/Heart Beat Sensor Jumper Wires Breadboard Software Used Arduino IDE Libraries Used The libraries used will be the compilation of the previous libraries. SPI.h

(3/4) BPM (Pulse Sensor) and Pedometer (ADXL345 Accelerometer) Wearable Device with OLED Display

Overview The final key to the puzzle lies within the ADXL345 accelerometer. The easiest way to obtain a pedometer is buying one. But where's the challenge in that? For a more detailed ADXL345 Accelerometer visit my good friend, Eddyson's, post here : Application Description There are different types of

RGB Color Sensor using TCS34725 Module

Overview: Color Sensor? No problem. I have found the best color sensor in the market. The TCS34725 which has RGB(Red, Green, Blue) and clear light sensing elements. It has a Infrared blocking filter integrated on the chip, minimizes the Infrared spectral components of the light and allows color measurement to be