May 2018

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(1/2) 4-Wheel Drive Multifunction (Wireless) Robot Car Kit

Overview This is the first part of the 2-part project for 4-wheel drive multifunction (wireless) robot car kit. The first part covers the functionality of a robot car with its own obstacle avoidance capability using both ultrasonic sensors and infrared obstacle avoidance modules. The robot car is completely autonomous to the robot car kit owner. The robot car uses the
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Arduino Starter’s Guide (1/7): Blinking LED

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are used in all clever things,so we have included them in this kit. We start with something very simple by repeatedly switching on and off and creating a pleasant flashing effect. To get started, grab the parts listed below, pin the layout sheet to your breadboard and then plug everything in. Hardware Used: 1 - 100 ohms Resistor 1 - LED 1 - Arduino Uno You can buy all this Hardware at Createlabz. Software Used: Arduino IDE Set-up the Hardware: